Fraudulent Usurpation

The crime of usurpation refers to the conduct consisting of occupying a property that belongs to another person, using violence or intimidation. The penalty is imprisonment of one to two years. In addition, the consequence of the violence exercised may give rise to an autonomous crime, such as, for example, injury.

The person who occupies a property that does not belong to him, for which he has not been authorized, or having been authorized, remains therein against the will of its owner, will also be punished even if there has not been violence or intimidation. A penalty of a fine of three to six months shall be imposed.

A fine of one to three months shall be imposed on anyone who alters any parameter used to separate properties or demarcations.

It will also be considered a crime of usurpation, the conduct consisting in distracting the waters of public or private use of its course. The penalty shall be a fine of three to six months.