Handling Stolen Goods

Handling stolen goods, also known as “receiving stolen property” or “dealing in stolen property,” refers to the criminal offense of knowingly acquiring, possessing, transferring, or dealing with items or goods that have been obtained through theft, robbery, fraud, or any other criminal means.

Individuals commit this offense when they knowingly receive, conceal, transport, sell, or dispose of stolen goods, regardless of whether they were directly involved in the initial theft or illegal acquisition of the items. The key element of this crime is the awareness that the goods are stolen or obtained unlawfully.

The offense aims to deter individuals from participating in the secondary market of stolen items by making it illegal to benefit from or facilitate the circulation of stolen property. Penalties for handling stolen goods in Spain, goes from 6 months imprisonment up to two years according to Article 298 of the Criminal Code, or even up to three years imprisonment in the most severe cases, for example if the foods have historic value.